Lawn in Order

Making your dream garden a possibility

Lawn in Order is an eco-friendly gardening service that always gives you more than you pay for.

We offer quality and affordable services customized to your garden’s needs in each season of the year.

We operate in both residential and commercial properties in Cape Town. We commit to delight our customers with a complimentary outdoor service gift after each visit in addition to virtual gardening tips each month.

We are dedicated to care for the environment and care for you.


All services include the removal of waste.

Lawn Care

Tree Felling

Instant Lawn

Eco-Friendly Weed Control

Clean Ups



Organic Compost & Fertilising

Reed Removal


High Pressure Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning


Each time you purchase a service, Lawn in Order will gift customers with one of the following free outdoor services:

Leaf Collection

Flowerbed Cleaning

Pavement Weeding

Garbage Bin Cleaning

Spider Web Removal

Wall or Paving Scrub

Window Cleaning


“I find the team’s presence respectful and would highly recommend Lawn in Order to anyone needing more than your average run of the mill gardening service. I have asked for it to be put on our Newlands list of suggested tradesmen.”

Capstone Consulting, Business in Newlands

TESTIMONIAL | Residential

“After the challenge of finding a reliable garden service provider for our large property, we came across Lawn in Order. Their work is always up to standard and their services are beyond excellent – the team is polite, friendly and efficient!”

Nuraan Osmans, Residential Property in Zeekoevlei


“Nick and his team from Lawn in Order have been a pleasure to work with. They treat our ground’s and staff with kindness and when you watch their process, you can clearly see the knowledge and passion behind their craft.”

New Ventures Studio, Business in Lansdowne

TESTIMONIAL | Residential

“My experience with Lawn in Order has been positive on several fronts. I am a lady approaching 80 years of age and I always feel safe in their presence. Thanks to the company’s thoroughness, efficiency and courtesy services, I always enjoy to have them around. I can definitely recommend them.”

Barbara Shaw, Residential Property in Zeekoevlei

TESTIMONIAL | Residential

“Lawn In Order came and pressure washed my patio and did a superb job. It has never been so clean! Also, without me needing to ask for it, they started tidying up flower beds, sorting out weeds growing through pavements and collecting bags of leaves. This was not what I hired them for on this particular day, but welcomed the additional gift of a clean up! My garden and front courtyard felt great by the time they left.”

Vicky Coates, Residential Property in Newlands

TESTIMONIAL | Residential

“The service Lawn in Order gives is amazing – neat, thoughtful and professional. I learned a lot about my garden after each visit and you can see the team know what they are doing. They don’t just visit to cut the lawn but they are there to do whatever it takes to make the property look better.
Your work is fast and efficient. I will definitely continue to use Lawn in Order. Thanks very much!”

Cassi Lowers, Residential Property in Goodwood

Step 1

Customer contacts Lawn in Order via website, email or phone call.

Step 2

Lawn in Order Manager contacts customer to make an introductory appointment. Manager visits and does a walk around (with you) through your garden. We listen to how YOU want the garden to look.


Step 3

Customer receives quotation within 48 hours.


Step 4

Customer approves quote and a service date is booked.


Step 5

Service is delivered and invoice is sent.